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Artist of the week is Darlingside!

Darlingside - Press Photo 2

Our Artist Of The Week is Darlingside

Darlingside are an eclectic, intelligent and dynamic foursome with an indie-folk style. ‘Eliza I See’ is the first single to be lifted from their forthcoming album, ‘Everything Is Alive’. The track is instantly recognisable with its lush harmonies and intricate songwriting. The way the album was written and recorded has brought new levels of intimacy, nuance and individuality not just to this single, but to every track on the album.

Listen to ‘Eliza I see‘ here: 

The band’s Harris Paseltiner says the track recalls his perception of the passage of time as he experiences it with his young child. He made songs for her at the beginning of the pandemic, which he saved as voice memos, and, when rediscovering them a year later, they took on a whole new meaning. These led to the creation of ‘Eliza I See‘. He adds, “It deals with the joy, and also pain, that come with change, and the excitement of gaining something new while necessarily losing something else at the same time. This feeling is especially pronounced for me with my daughter because she changes so quickly.”.

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